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For various purposes of developmental activities, multitude of industrial structures and infrastructures are required to be built. Whatever be the structures, and wherever they are required to be constructed, understanding of subsoil and its behaviour is essential, as foundations of all structures will ultimately transfer loads to subsoil.

Many Engineering Units are involved in planning design and construction of these projects of strategic importance. They have to make use of many soil investigation reports prepared by the soil investigators. The engineers in design office, as well as at site require to identify the soil types and their behaviour for  understanding the soil response to design and construction activities.

Again, the subsoil profile and tests results presented in any soil investigation report, should be carefully studied, without strictly following the recommendation given by the soil investigator. It should be understood that the same data may be interpreted in different ways, which demands understanding. Mere relying on the conclusions presented in the soil investigation report, may not ensure quality constructions, stability and satisfactory performances of the structures.

The available methods of foundation design and construction technology are nothing more than the use of basic simple theories of soil and foundation engineering based on practice and judgement. It should be well understood that at every stage of Soil Engineering, judgement and decision making are more important than any calculated or tests results. It should further be understood that any property of soil is not constant or unique, and may widely vary with field situations, and soil-structure interaction phenomena. The same undisturbed soil sample, if tested under different boundary conditions, may yield different results. The same subsoil may respond differently to different foundations based on its size, shape, depth, ground water conditions and to the extent it might have been disturbed in the process of constructions. Emphasis shall always be given to understanding and judgment than relying on theoretical analysis.

The Geotechnical Engineers of M/s Pioneer Surveyors and its associate M/s Pioneer Geomatics Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are not only recognized expert of the subject but also have wide experience in design and construction practices of foundations, and have developed expertise in Geotechnical Investigations and analyses of data for recommendations appropriate to specific type of structures. Already they have completed subsoil investigations at more than 2500 locations all over India for various projects like transmission line towers, industrial constructions, airports, bridges, state & national highways and railways including metro railways.