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Services Construction

Sl. Description of Work Location QTY Principal Client Contract Value� (Crore/Lakh) Yr. Of Starting Remarks

Reinforced Cement Concrete in M20 Grade in Foundations and Columns of Trestles &� Transfer Tower incuding Survey excavation in nominal mud,Concrete mix testing Shuttering inserts / Foundation bolts in position,Curing de -Shuttering & Backfilling of earth.Detail Survey Work for marking the exact location of RCC Tresties and other Foundation for ensuring the Staraightness of the RCC testing for Keeping the Top of Concrete tevels for Fixing rhe Foundation Bolts & Inserts at the top of RCC Trestie and other Foundations.

Jindal Steel & PowerLtd Angul 5740cu.m MACMET 113.6 2009 In Progress

Construction of Toilet & Drain at Chinese Hutme

Jindal Steel & PowerLtd Angul 10 Jindal Steel & PowerLtd Angul 3.8 2009 Completed

Work Associated With Tower Foundations Excavation in Various types of Soills Dry Soil Work Associated with Tower Foundations Excavation in West Soil Placement of Re-Inforcement Steel (Reonforcement Shall be Supplied in Fabricated Shape free of cost by EMC) Installation of Stubs including Bolts & Nuts & Washer etc (Stubs Setting Template Bolts & Nuts &Washer shall be Supplied free of cost by EMC)�

Fatehpur - Agra Part-1Package-A6 3040cum/mt ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURING� COMPANI LIMITED 2.99 2009 In Progress

Misc Construction Work at Chinese Labour Hutment

Jindal Steel & PowerLtd Angul 9 Jindal Steel & PowerLtd Angul 4.15 2009 Completed

Concreting including all associated works related to normal foundation excluding supply of cement (Cement shall be Spplied free of cost by EMC)m20 Concrete Nominal Mix 1:1.5:3.Work Associated With Tower Foundations Concreting (Cement Shall be Supplied free of Cost by EMC) - M10 Learn Concrets Nominal Mix 1:1.5:3.Work Associated with Tower Foundations Concreting (Cement Shall be Supplied free of cost by EMC)M10 lEAN cONCRETE nOMINAL mIX 1: 3: 6

Fatehpur - Agra Part-1Package-A6 All Lilo Lines 335cum ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURING� COMPANI LIMITED 80.4 2009 In Progress