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Welcome to Pioneer Surveyors

We feel greatly honoured for visiting our website. It is a happy coincidence that you are searching survey organization like us for fulfilling your requirements. Our basic proposition today is that the essential virtues of efficiency, equity & effectiveness in project monitoring cell can be best achieved with the help of Digital Precise Mapping. Administrative efficiency depends upon an appreciation of ground realities for which map is a potent tool. Equity demands a distortion free distribution of public goods and services. Maps are the real help in this regard. Administrative effectiveness is the measure of success in achieving an intended goal. Maps lay bear the areas of accomplishment as also missed opportunities by location.

Our belief is that any organization / management without accurate maps are direction less. It may not know what is being done where. Managements/organizations normally chose to operate with their mental maps which are always subjective and are off little avail beyond a point.

Then, one may ask as to what Pioneer can do for Organizations? This question seeks definitions of both digital mapping and management. Pioneer, like architecture, is an organization who can provide accurate digital mapping. Managements must know the spatial arrangement of their field areas and any distortions therein. Only a careful look at the maps can exposed any gross disparity in the size of land, boundary or any features in their shape, and eccentricity in the location of their headquarters. Maps are indispensable for the precise making of the areas or places which are suffering from a specific problem such as for location of new industry or potential for future development, such as scenic sites as tourist spots. This list can never be exhaustive.

Above all managements/organizations have to monitor the performance of their department and preparation of detail project report. This may relate to disbursement of fund for development projects at various places, target achieved or missed and possible locational factors responsible for a given out come. All issues can be analyzed much better if maps are put into service digitally in accurate manner. Pioneer Surveyors is one of the consulting organizations who has created with the reputation unmatched in this field. Their surveyors could not effectively demonstrate as to what Pioneer can do for management. The cause would have been genuinely surveyed if they could produce maps which are precise, relevant, legible, intelligible and fast use for managements.

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We conducts survey for railways, highways, topographic, pipelines, transmission lines, conveyor route, GIS, DGPS, sewerage and hydrographic survey of river, sea coast and reservoir area. We have a vast infrastructure to execute any type of survey as well as resources of necessary sophisticated modern instruments..

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Geotechnical Investigation

For various purposes of developmental activities, multitude of industrial structures and infrastructures are required to be built. Whatever be the structures, and wherever they are required to be constructed, understanding of subsoil and its behaviour is essential, as foundations of all structures will ultimately transfer loads to subsoil.

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From the desk of CEO

It makes me very happy when I look back at the distance we have come. It has been a long journey of 22 glorious years of hard work, progress and passion for excellence. It is extremely gratifying that we have maintained our graph towards elevation with our aptitude.

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We are venturing out in a new business in the field of engineering and Construction Services. Experienced construction & structural engineers pioneering in the Indian industry are engaged who are continuing legacy of innovation to achieve new mile stones with every endeavour..

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We are having 10,000 sq. ft. of office space with highly sophisticated IT facilities in 4 storied building. A dynamic carrier oriented professional with engineering degree in relevant field from a recognized institute matching experience of 5 – 40 years are working for excellence and aiming at being the Pioneers in this field..

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